Move Your Body Monday: Body Weight Workout

When you’re traveling or away from your gym/home, working out can get a little tricky.  A lot of the time, I think people tend to gravitate towards machines or dumb bells, because they think the extra weight will help them burn more calories.  Did you know that body weight workouts can be just as effective?

If you follow me on social media @drrachelgregg, you know that I’ve started a weekly post called “Move Your Body Mondays” – with some great workouts and tips for getting motivated at the beginning of the week.  There is never a better time to get MOVING than Monday.  The beginning of your week sets the tone for Tuesday-Sunday.

That being said, I’m going to share a great small space/travel body weight workout you can do anywhere and anytime!  Be safe and have fun with it!

Lunge Circuit: 2-3 sets of 8-15 each leg & exercise (small break in between sets):

  • Forward lunges
  • Backward lunges
  • Side lunges
  • Rotational lunge

Make sure your knee stays at a 90 degree angle and doesn’t extend over your toe – stay consistent and maintain good form, even if you need to go slow!  If you need more balance, use one arm to steady yourself on a wall or place your hand on your knee.  For a challenge, keep your hands at your sides and really focus on your balance!

Push-ups: 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps total.

Pick from any variety listed below ( can do from full plank position or from your knees):

  • Shoulder width hand position
  • Wide
  • Narrow (diamond)
  • One hand in front of the other
  • One hand on a medicine ball

Stay steady and controlled.  For a more scaled version of pushups, try using the wall or a bench.  The further away your feet are from the wall, the harder it will be – challenge yourself!



Squat Circuit: 3 sets of 8-15 reps of each exercise:

  • Hip width foot position
  • Wide foot position
  • Narrow foot position

Take a small break between sets for water.  Want to make it more challenging?  Try jump squats or split squats.






This body weight workout should take you about 30 minutes (or less) to complete.  Work at your own pace, but make sure to challenge yourself and give yourself a good sweat!

To make it extra fun, grab a partner and get your body moving this Monday!


XO – Dr. Rachel