008: Breaking Free

Featuring Guest: Monica Agana – owner of Savage Babe.  Here’s a little bit about her: “After years of experiencing physical abuse, constant bullying from other children at such a young age, societal pressures, and pursuing goals that others wanted me to pursue, it led me to feel feelings of ‘unworthiness’ & ‘never being good enough’ that lingered with me into my early 20’s. After years of working on myself (and still am, mind you), there was a breaking point where I finally grew the lady balls to break away from the chains of my past.”  

This week we’re focusing in on what it means to “break free” and really empower, inspire and motivate other women to do the same thing for themselves and the women around them.  

We’re talking about how leaving the 9-5 was just that for us and it may be something you NEED to hear.

What about you – what do you need to “break free” from today?