004: Body Image & Self Love After Bodybuilding w/Veronica Tearney

In this episode, “V” and I talked about the struggle of being an athletic female body type, her struggle with body image issues growing up, finding purpose and learning to love herself. She walks us through her struggles and personal experiences of competitive bodybuilding and the health challenges that no one ever talks about after the competition ends. ⠀

Veronica Tearney is now a college strength & conditioning coach with a passion for health and wellness. During her career as a fitness enthusiast and coach, Veronica has also written fitness and nutrition articles for a variety of publications, and strives daily to inspire a healthy, balanced lifestyle for her student-athletes, clients, husband and children based on her own experiences. Her endeavors can be found on her website at www.liviafit.com or @liviafit ⠀

Thanks so much for joining me on this episode, V! 💙You have an inspiring story and I’m honored to be able to share it here.⠀

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