Pay Attention To Your Mental Health!


So, yes…I am talking to you right there…sitting there taking some time out or your day to read this post (and there is a reason you are) knowing that things in your life need to change but you don’t think you deserve to have the best.


I know because I have been you…being in a job that I absolutely hated, a relationship that sucked the life out of me but I made the DECISION to take the steps to change the outcome of my life. You are the only who can make this happen in YOUR life…are you ready?!

In a day when it doesn’t matter how much money, success or things you have…

…If your mind isn’t in the right place all that shit doesn’t matter AT ALL!

We have seen countless famous actors, musicians, artist, fashion designers and world travelers take their own lives and why?! On the outside it appears they have it all…on the inside there was something HUGE missing for them!

Every time I hear about another famous and talented person gone way too soon it breaks my heart and also drives me to continue to follow my passion to help people with their health.

As someone who has always been a high achiever my entire life and with that a certain level of high functioning anxiety. (see even my anxiety has to be high achieving lol) Unless you are filling yourself up with positivity on the daily, working the mental muscle you can easily be taking over by the evil, negative “gremlins”…always remember you are NEVER EVER ALONE! Reach out to someone if you need help!

Filling yourself with positive, vibrant foods will also help improve your mental game. Can you say GUT BRAIN CONNECTION… another great reason to make the switch to healthy food options.

If you are currently in a place where you want to change your mindset…there is always HOPE so reach out and make the shift forward! I’m here for YOU!

In honor of Mental Health Awareness make sure you are paying attention and honoring your own “Mental Health”.

Reach out to me…I’m here to love and support you!


XO – Dr. Rachel