Get Rid of Your Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Where do allergies actually come from?

Allergies happen when your immune system overreacts to external substances and points to an imbalance in your immune system.  When this system is suppressed or weakened, your defense system (antibodies) may not be able to defend you properly from those pesky bacterial attackers, and that leaves you open to all the germs around us.

If your immune system is more sensitive, it can overreact like your mom/dad when you’re first learning how to drive. This produces antibodies to attack what it perceives as a dangerous substance – even if it’s pollen or a fragrance.  The worst of it is the itchiness, skin reactions runny nose or scratchy throat. These are all traditional allergy symptoms and they can make life absolutely miserable for those of us with an immune system that is out of whack.

So how do we get our immune systems back in balance?

You’ll remember that I’ve said that up to 80% of your immune system resides in your digestive tract.  There’s also a gut micro biome that has a massive impact on the balance and performance of the body’s immune function.

Studies show that the gut micro biome plays a role in killing the bad bacteria and other microbes that can make you sick, protect your gut barrier’s protective mucus layer, and they work to fortify and seal gaps in the intestinal wall as well as increasing antibody levels. If your body doesn’t have the healthy bacteria it needs, this is a contributing factor to why the immune system cannot distinguish between good and bad and leads to overreactions like seasonal allergies.

If you’ve had a child recently, you may have researched and found that the root cause of allergies is the gut.

The microbes we encounter in our first few years of life will determine how efficiently our immune systems function for the rest of our life. Why? These microbes help train our systems to respond appropriately.  Immunity, allergies and lifelong health are all reasons to start watching out for the health of your baby from the moment they are born. But what about you?  What if you weren’t exposed to the right microbes from an early age?  What do you do to change the course of your systems reactions to the environments allergens?

  1. Take an Effective, Quality Probiotic Supplement.

Have the good guys on your side.  Your gut micro biome needs to be replenished by taking a daily, multi-strain probiotic supplement.  I know I’ve talked about probiotics a lot – and they are the best way to keep up your body’s natural defense!

2. Fuel Your Body with the Right Nutrition

Your good bacteria needs to refuel – and those good “bugs” need prebiotic fiber from Whole Foods like asparagus, bananas, onions and garlic.  Feed your army with as many prebiotic fiber-packed foods as you can.  If you have a good prebiotic powder supplement, you can add it to a daily smoothie, put it in your baked goods or your juice in the mornings.

3. Get Outside in the Dirt and in Nature!

I walked outside every day and breathe in the fresh air. We have over-sanitzed our society to the point that our bodies no longer know how to react.  Get a pet, hand wash your dishes, get some exercise in your garden, go for a hike and start use natural soaps/products that don’t strip the good bacteria away.  You may feel like you’re helping your body to use hand-sanitizer, but you’re actually removing all the good bugs too!

There are so many products on the market.  If you need help finding the right supplements to start getting your micro biome back in balance, reach out!  I am passionate about helping you guys to get on the right track with your gut health.  It starts today.  Getting your gut back in balance is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.  If you would like to see an improvement in your allergies – don’t put off finding the supplements and changing your lifestyle.  Start today!

xo – Dr. Rachel